Project Goals

WP 1
Project Management and dissemination

Work package leader: UAS KA

The objective of work package 1 is to ensure that project objectives are met within the budget and on time, and ensure that the project results are appropriately disseminated.

WP 2
Comparative analysis of IAMS in and common BIMs in Europe

Work package leader: IMC

The objective of work package 2 is to determine commonality and differences between the asset management systems used in Europe and common BIMs used in Europe.

WP 3
Digital condition assessment

Work package leader: InGEO

Adapt existing inspection and monitoring procedure for BIM and develop data workflow for new sensor and scanning techniques. Identify how the data can be used directly in condition scores or transformed to provide key performance indicators.

WP 4
Data fusion and semantic transformations

Work package leader: UAS KA

The goal is to establish a reference database and interfaces to different database (archipelago) that allow semantic transformations.

WP 5
Development of a referenced vendor-free IFC-based data structure

Work package leader: RUB

The objective of work package 5 is to establish the interoperability between the IAMS and BIM software and data acquisition devices. Detailed specification of the individual data exchange processes. Development of a data structure using the IFC standard.

WP 6
Data exchange to legacy systems

Work package leader: RUB

Development of a transformation concept for data exchange between different legacy systems. Procedure for the systematic integration of national characteristics.

WP 7
Development of a prototype

Work package leader: IMC

The objective of this WP is to demonstrate the integration of or interoperability between BIM and IAMS.